Can Red Light Therapy Help You Fight COVID-19?

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By Katarina Mirkovic Arsic

Red light therapy can definitely help you strengthen your immune system for preventing infection by coronavirus.

At this moment, when there is still no vaccine or cure, boosting your immunal health is the best thing to do! 

Engaging your immune system is just one of the ways red light therapy helps you stay safe. It also assists your body by ‘attacking’ the virus itself. 

Red light therapy can stop the coronavirus from spreading. In that way, the possibility of a more severe infection is greatly eliminated.

That’s not all. Red light therapy can also affect the virus in a way that makes it impossible for it to infect a healthy cell. 

Even if the virus is still active and a person is already infected – red light therapy is still useful. It will soothe the possible pneumonia symptoms and preserve the lungs.

Let’s get into more detail about all these red light therapy benefits.

How Does Red Light Therapy Help Fight COVID-19?

Here is precisely how red light therapy turns out to be your powerful ally in fighting COVID-19:

1. Boosts NO production that inhibits viruses

Nitric oxide (NO) is an important signaling molecule between cells which has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on some virus infections. Antimicrobial activity of NO has been described for several bacteria and for some viruses, including coronaviruses.

Center for Microbiological Preparedness, Stockholm, Sweden conducted a research that showed that NO prevents SARS CoV (a very similar virus to nCoV) from replicating. NO has the power to inhibit the synthesis of the RNA and stops the virus from spreading. 

Red light therapy comes to play by boosting the production of NO. This is one of the well-known effects red light therapy has on the body.

2. Inactivates the virus by affecting its ability to infect the host cells

A group of Chinese scientists studied the mechanism of low-intensity laser irradiation effects on virus. They focus on the fact that coronavirus has several important proteins, three of which are building blocks of its ‘envelope’. 

One of those four proteins are spikes that play an important role in connecting and infecting the host cells. They have their part in inactivating the cell antibodies and even the infection process itself. 

This spike protein is found on the surface of the virus and it is also photosensitive. These two properties make it a great target for red light therapy devices. A red light could aim the spike proteins, making the infection of the host cells difficult or even impossible for the virus.

3. Prevents the development of severe lung inflammation

Research has shown that exposure to LLLT seriously reduced the number of inflammatory cells. It has been recorded that red light therapy shows promising results in regulating the pro-inflammatory cytokine levels.

Collagen deposition is another important factor to consider when dealing with lung inflammation. Collagen deposition in the lungs can happen even with severe influenza infections. 

Red light therapy is a great way to regulate collagen production, decreasing this sort of deposition and reducing the effects of lung inflammation. RLT also reduces inflammation and promotes tissue regeneration.

4. Prevents disease by boosting the immune system

Red light therapy boosts the immune system utilizing the concept of hormesis. Hormesis is exposure to low dosages of a harmful substance or other otherwise damaging factors so that an organism or a cell goes through a process of habituation and adapts to it. 

In the case of red light therapy, hormesis means that red and near-red light is beamed into cells, which causes mild metabolic stress. This mini-stress results in cells engaging their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant response. In that way, the organism is ready to respond quickly in case of coming in contact with viruses and other types of infections.

How Else Can I Protect Myself From COVID-19?

Frequent and thorough hand washing is your first line of defense. To protect yourself and the others, you should cough into your elbow, covering both your nose and mouth. Keep at least 3 feet (one meter) distance from others, avoid crowded places and contact with people that cough and sneeze. When cooking, thoroughly cook milk, meat, and eggs.

It is important to practice all measures of precaution to avoid infection with coronavirus. In addition to hand washing and other recommended procedures, you should also follow the advice of the World Health Organization and other high-authority sources. 

In addition, using red light therapy device as an additional level of coronavirus prevention is a great idea. Several studies have shown that photobiomodulation, red light therapy included, have amazing benefits on both fighting symptoms and preventing the COVID-19.

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