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Clinically proven and ingeniously designed technology for home use

with a 30 day money-back guarantee

Nordic design and Dutch engineering meet British clinical expertise for a global marketplace.
We are a truly international company, with a team of 25 people from 14 different nationalities at our operational headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
We invent and make everything in-house. Recharge is an ISO certified medical device company with an advanced technology lab, manufacturing assembly and on-site clinic.
We are pioneering the next wave of innovative and empowering health technology. Our mission is simple – to recharge people’s health.

Watch Now

Dr. Zulia Frost, Co-Founder of Recharge, shares her personal story of how energy therapy changed her life in this 4 minute film introducing the inventors of the FlexBeam.

Our Core Team

Christian Barmen

CEO of Recharge

Successful entrepreneur, supply chain and logistics expert, decades of operational and executive experience.

Dr. Zulia Frost

Clinical Director

Leading medical expert renowned worldwide for pioneering work in energy therapy, runs exclusive UK clinic.

Arjen Helder

Technology Director

Inventor and electronics engineer, extensive research and development experience with light technology.

Guy Beckerlegge

Business Dev. Director

Founded and managed several successful medical device companies, huge industry experience and networks.

Bjorn Ekeberg

Marketing Director

Successful screenwriter for Netflix, drama series creator, philosopher of science, brand expert, film director.

Nicole Thornton

Risk Manager

National library manager with extensive experience in highly regulated, risk-intelligent organizations.

Thomas Oceguera

Systems Director

Experienced manager of machines & people.  Leading the teams for CRM, ERP, Websites Dev & Customer Support, etc.

Sarah Turner

Science Manager

Red light therapy expert, vast scientific background in photobiomodulation and frontier health technologies.

Read CEO Christian Barmen’s Story

as featured in Citylife magazine

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Every FlexBeam comes with a 48-page book on the science of how it all works in your body.

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2 year warranty

worldwide shipping

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